How The Louvre raises funds online to acquire & restore masterpieces

A Customer Success Story : Musée du Louvre

With more than 10.2 million visitors in 2018, The Musée du Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. Every year a four-month crowdfunding campaign is organized to acquire or restore major masterpieces of the collection. During the rest of the year, the museum still looks for funds for general matters from the general public, through one-off or monthly giving.

The Musée du Louvre started using iRaiser’s payment solution in July 2016.

A Customer Success Story : Musée du Louvre

Why we chose iRaiser

✔ A highly-available payment solution with highly secure hosting: as a major public institution, the Musée du Louvre could not afford to take any risks.

✔ A scalable & flexible platform that offers numerous options: a multilingual and multi-currency solution to reach international donors, unlimited number of campaigns and users, entry for companies, adaptable form design, a dynamic payment grid, and a user-friendly back office.

✔ It’s innovative & customizable: a responsive tool, with tracking cost of acquisition through Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics, & synchronization with our CRM.

✔ iRaiser’s expertise in online fundraising

A Customer Success Story : Musée du Louvre

The first time that The Louvre did a crowdfunding was nine years ago. Now we have campaign every year, to ask the public to help us with acquiring or restoring a masterpiece. When we began using iRaiser, we organized 3 crowdfunding campaigns which lasted 4 months each. We raised 2 million euros within 3 years with an average donation of 150 euros. The most frequent donation amount was 50 euros. We had more than 10,000 donors, of which 60% were recurring donors. We noticed a significant increase of donors when using the iRaiser payment solution. We acquired new and younger donors and transformed the majority of offline supporters into online donors. Before iRaiser, 60% of donations were offline, now with iRaiser, those numbers have been inverted, and 60% of donations are made online. We believe the modern and user-friendly form helped us to reach that goal.

A Customer Success Story : Musée du Louvre

A innovative and flexible tool

” The tool has a modern look, the forms and fields are easy to customize, it is a very flexible solution. We were, and still are, impressed with the level of expertise that iRaiser brings to the table when it comes to online donations. iRaiser has provided us with an innovative tool, enabling us to analyse the data of our donors and to adjust campaigns accordingly. “

Dinah Wajsgrus,
Development Manager at Musée du Louvre

Key Learnings

  • iRaiser’s payment solution meets the needs of cultural institutions which strive to raise funds from the general public, even if it takes times to convince museums to implement the solution.
  • iRaiser’s expertise on online fundraising made the difference, as the Musée du Louvre was looking for a reliable and innovative tool.
  • Using the Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics is a valuable asset to analyse the impact of your online communication plan.

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