iRaiser is proud to announce that organisations will now be able to raise even more recurring donations with MobilePay Subscriptions on iRaiser’s solutions. All the benefits from the MobilePay Interface now allow you to collect monthly donations in a simple, secure, and efficient way. By integrating MobilePay into your donation process, not only will your donors benefit from the optimized user experience, but they will also be able to donate monthly in one-click via all types of smartphones, directly in the MobilePay app.

Key benefits from using MobilePay Subscriptions are:

  • Follow each donors’ act of giving step by step, this way you can quickly react if a recurring donation is rejected.
  • Get full flexibility, you decide the payment period and date.
  • Get lower transaction prices.

Your donors can sign-up for recurring monthly donations with one quick swipe in MobilePay, and the donations will continue coming in month after month, without the donor having to go through the process every time they want to give. Providing them with a positive donor experience, and consequently increasing conversion rates.

For more information on MobilePay, visit MobilePay FAQ Center 

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