Meet our new Nordic Country Manager

We’re planning to grow a lot in the Nordics. Which is why we are also bringing onboard new faces and more resources. This time around meet our new Nordic Country Manager. 

Please welcome Lars Bjørn Helgestad to the iRaiser Team!

As a consultant and leader of start-ups in tech & services for several years, our new Nordic Country Manager, Lars Bjørn, brings much more than valuable experience to the table.

We’re excited he’s chosen to join iRaiser, but then, it’s really no surprise, as Lars Bjørn puts it:

The iRaiser Nordics team is growing fast & bringing new expertise

“The planet desperately needs engagement in purposes above and beyond personal and commercial agendas. I see great potential in iRaiser’s proposition to enable more effective and efficient fundraising globally, and I think we will do well, serving those that do well. It is purpose with a purpose, and I am thrilled to contribute.”

If you want to connect with Lars Bjørn feel free to connect with him on Linkedin.

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