Emmanuel Chaumeau joins leading fundraising software provider, iRaiser Group, as new CEO

Emmanuel Chaumeau, former Chief Marketing, Partnership and PreSales Officer at HiPay, has been named the new CEO of iRaiser Group starting in April 2021. Emmanuel is stepping in for Jan Evers, who has been acting as interim CEO for the past 8 months.

As CEO, Emmanuel will lead iRaiser’s development with the objective of boosting growth, identifying emerging markets, and continuing iRaiser’s mission. Since it’s founding, iRaiser has been committed to providing not-for-profit organisations across Europe with the best fundraising solutions to raise more for their cause.

“iRaiser offers me a unique possibility to help not-for-profit organisations improve our world. I am thrilled to work with this fantastic team and build up our fundraising tools and services. We want to ensure our clients are able to provide an easy and enhanced user experience for their donors and thus carry out their important social mission.” — Emmanuel Chaumeau, CEO of iRaiser

With over 14 years experience in sales and business development in Fintech, giving him a unique mix of product, marketing and sales knowledge, Emmanuel has the ability to identify cutting-edge technologies, and define innovative strategies to help with the advancement of the not-for-profit sector.

His energy and fresh perspective on digital fundraising will bring a new dynamic to the iRaiser Group. With his knowledge, Emmanuel hopes to continue to carry out the group’s mission to provide innovative, ethical and reliable fundraising solutions in a growing number of countries worldwide.

Leading fundraising software provider, iRaiser Group, names new CEO

Emmanuel Chaumeau shares this passion about utilising innovative technologies to further the improvement of business. He is motivated to now assist charities through digital to enhance their fundraising strategies and achieve their objectives.

Since 2018, in parallel to his work within Fintech, Emmanuel shares his expertise with students of the Masters Program on the Digitalisation of Companies at the University of Paris 13, teaching them how businesses can constantly reinvent themselves through the use of new tools.

Jan Evers, who will stay on as the Chairman of the supervisory board of directors of the iRaiser Group said, “Transactions on our platform have grown in 2020 with 90% to 347 million euros. To manage this stellar growth we need a CEO with a strong background in Fintech and a proven track record in building and managing a scalable SaaS company. This is exactly what Emmanuel brings to iRaiser, I am therefore very pleased that he has joined”.

We are pleased to welcome Emmanuel on board, and wish him an excellent integration and success within iRaiser. Together with our clients and partners, we strive for a positive impact on the world around us.

iRaiser’s fundraising platform is the top-rated software in Europe for not-for-profit organisations to raise money for their cause. Since its establishment in 2012, iRaiser has proven to be a reliable partner for charities, helping them to raise over 2 billion euros to date.

The group was founded by professional fundraisers who understand the significance of providing a seamless and efficient donation process to collect donations, making it easier for charities to achieve their fundraising goals.

iRaiser offers a complete suite of fundraising tools, including online donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, and crowdfunding. The software is user-friendly and white-label, making it easy for organisations of all sizes to set up and manage their digital fundraising campaigns. It also provides advanced analytics and reporting features to help charities track their fundraising progress and optimize their campaigns. Additionally, iRaiser provides a range of integration options with other popular fundraising tools and services, allowing charities to leverage the best of both worlds.

With a proven track record of success, iRaiser has become a trusted partner for more than 750 not-for-profit organisations looking to maximise their impact and increase their fundraising capabilities.

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