Payment’s latest upgrade is being delivered to your platform

Payment’s latest version is available on your platforms. This update is automatically done, you don’t have anything to do. Log in to your Payment platform and discover its new features.

In order to know which version of Payment you are using, simply click on the “version” link that is at the bottom of every Payment’s page.

What’s new?

6.25.1 includes several fixes and new features, here are some of them:

  • Regular commitments are automatically suspended after 3 failed regular payments
  • You can send an email after a failed regular payment (Default content > Emails)
  • You can create a “reader” account so as to mask your payments information by creating a new account from the System > Users section and simply call it “reader”.
  • Synchronizations using the Router Service have been enhanced
  • In order to prevent invalid Ingenico alias, we added a 50 characters limitation on couple’s commitments.

I saw the latest theme during a training session, when will it be available?

The latest theme is already available on most of our platforms and will be live for everyone before mid-July. Its installation has been delayed on the most heavily-customed platforms, for a manual installation, so has to avoid side effects. This theme adds fresh colors to your back-ends and does not change the way Payment works. Menus and sections stay the same. As you will or have already noticed, the dashboard includes graphs. You will be able to see your fundraising progression. It is Payment’s 3rd theme if you wish to go back to any of the previous ones, send a request to

Payment 6.25.1 is coming!!