The most advanced online fundraising platform for non-profits.

Daily management of your donations, memberships, sponsorships, subscriptions, sales, and registrations with a single online fundraising solution.

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Compatible with numerous payment methods

1. Create unlimited payment forms

Create as many fundraising forms as you need. You can create and use forms for permanent, thematic, or event campaigns simultaneously and at no extra cost.

2. Accept any form of payment

Add recurring donations to any donation form. Track recurring donors, manage credit cards, PayPal and more.

3. Your donors feel at home

Hosting under the domain or sub-domain of your choice. Customise your platform and welcome your visitors and donors with a form that corresponds to the image of your non-profit organisation.

4. Synchronise and export your data

A powerful synchronisation and export tool has been embedded into our application. Designed both for simple use (statistics, marketing, accounting) as well as expert use (synchronisation to databases, instant notification, etc.), it enables you to export the data that you want, when you want!

5. Send your fiscal receipts

Our fundraising platform for NGOs allows you to send the fiscal receipts of your donors by email, both for one-off and regular donations.

Responsive Design and Accessibility

Our digital fundraising solutions are optimised for browsing on smartphones, tablets and computers regardless of the browser or the operating system used.

Monitoring transactions in real time

The donations and payments validated by donors are immediately viewable in the back office. See the details of your payments online and easily monitor payments by direct debit and cheque.

Integrated export and synchronisation

A powerful tool designed both for simple use (export for statistical purposes, marketing, accounting, etc.) as well as expert use (synchronisation with your CRM, etc.). Export and synchronise the data that you want, when you want!

Reliable and secure synchronisation of your data

Hosting, maintenance and backup ensured

Performance and continuous optimization

Clear and transparent pricing by subscription and with no surprises

Support on a dedicated platform, by email and telephone

Multilanguage and multi-currency solution