Starting in September, the Pope John XXIII Community will use solutions offered by iRaiser for the development of its digital fundraising and above all the activities of personal fundraising and crowdfunding both on Italian territory and internationally. The Association Pope John XXIII founded in 1948 by Don Oreste Benzi and also known by the acronym APG23, has been engaged, since then, concretely and continuously, in combating marginalization and poverty. Today, the Community provide daily meals to more than 41,000 people worldwide, thanks to more than 500 family homes, hospitality centers, therapeutic communities, homeless Bethlehem huts, open families and prayer houses. On September 23rd and 24th, 2017, the association will operate in many Italian squares with more than 3,000 volunteers for the ‘One meal a day’ event aimed at raising awareness and raising funds to restore dignity and hope to those who have nothing left.