iRaiser and its partner Gocardless are back and organizing a new presentation about regular donors and gifts and how to optimize their management. Are you available for a breakfast in Paris on November the 7th?

Because optimizing can be done without compromizing

IBAN payments remain the best way to retain donors. It is less expensive than credit card and it does not expire. Though you can already get IBAN payments using Payment – the payment platform -‘s authorizations system, it is also possible to manage them as online payments. It is highly recommended when you have many regular donors using IBAN on your platform

There is an easy, affordable and secure way to do so : using iRaiser’s Gocardless integration, directly on the Payment Platform. Thanks to this service, IBAN payments will automatically be managed, like credit card payments are.

Benefits : 

  • Payments are automatic
  • It is already integrated in Payment
  • You can get IBAN Payments from everywhere in Europe
  • It reduces attrition

If you are interested and in Paris on November the 7th, please register to attend this event at 8:30 am.