iRaiser: Empowering world-changers

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our clients, we have surpassed 1 billion euros raised on our platform since 2012!

Since iRaiser was founded in 2012, we have seen the world go through countless challenges. Throughout the years we have seen hundreds of charities taking action to face these adversities with empathy, courage, and determination.

We are extremely proud to empower the many organizations that use our solutions to fight for good and fulfill their mission. Our clients have brought together supporters from all around the world, raising 1 billion euros for more than 500 extraordinary causes in 20 different countries through our fundraising platform.

Together we reached this outstanding goal, that helped provide children with a better life and future, protect our environment and wildlife, and support medical care and research that saved numerous lives, among many other world-changing missions.

Thanks to our clients’ trust we have expanded, and grown into an international, passionate team of 50 people all over Europe, committed to helping charities raise more with less effort through ethical and reliable fundraising solutions.

So to all the organizations and fundraisers, we want to say thank you for your trust, and for allowing us to be part of your journey to make the world a better place!

#WeAreInThisTogether #TogetherWeAreStronger