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OXFAM Belgium

Oxfam works in more than 90 countries with 3,200 partner organizations. They help 25 million women, men and children to escape poverty through development, emergency relief and advocacy projects.

Oxfam works to find concrete and innovative solutions for vulnerable people around the world. Solutions that enable everyone to lift themselves out of poverty and reach their full potential.

In the event of conflict or disaster, they save lives and help those affected regain their livelihoods. They campaign to ensure that the voice of poor people is heard in local and international decisions that affect their daily lives.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!
Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!

Chaîne de l’espoir

Chaîne de l’Espoir Belgium contributes to improve the access to quality, specialized healthcare for children in developing countries, supports local hospitals, trains their staff and cares for, and operates on, ill children.

They help children suffering from congenital diseases and defects in areas such as cardiology, orthopaedic, ENT, facial, urology, neurology, etc.

During medical and surgical treatments, the children are cared for by their volunteer medical and paramedical experts and volunteers: doctors, surgeons, resuscitators, nurses, physiotherapists and biotechnicians who specialize in caring for children.

Les Petits Riens

Les Petits Riens was created in 1937 with the aim to fight poverty and social exclusion.

Les Petits Riens ensures activities of collecting, sorting and selling of various second-hand objects. These activities make it possible to provide work for many people with difficulties to find employment, as well as finance social actions to fight poverty and social exclusion. The financing of social actions is supplemented by public subsidies and private donations.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!
Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!

European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation was set up in Geneva in 1954. Its founding figures included the Swiss philosopher Denis de Rougemont, the architect of the European Community Robert Schuman, and HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, under whose presidency the foundation moved to Amsterdam in 1960. They all believed passionately in culture as a vital ingredient for Europe’s post-war rebuilding and healing.

The foundation has always focused on programs and grants enabling mobility and the exchange of ideas, education through culture, and capacity-building. In its 65 years of existence the foundation has initiated and developed more than twenty programmes, supported thousands of Europeans with grants and exchanges, and helped put culture and cultural policies on the European agenda.

Fondation Cancer

The objective of The Cancer Foundation is to provide information on the prevention and fight against cancer, as well as to encourage, by all means possible, all initiatives, scientific research or information campaigns that are part of the fight against this disease.

The missions of The Cancer Foundation are to reduce the number of cancer cases, decrease the number of cancer deaths, and help the people affected by this illness by improving their quality of life.

To achieve these objectives, The Cancer Foundation carries out numerous actions and offers various services, all of which are based on a medical-scientific basis.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!