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Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!

GAIA – Global Action in the Interest of Animals

Since 1992, GAIA has united defenders of animal welfare and advocates for animal rights in Belgium, working towards building a human–animal relationship of humanity and justice.

GAIA acts in the interest of the animals and tirelessly advocates for an ever greater protection of all living beings, sensitive to pain and anxiety.

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Designed in the years 20 by the visionary Queen Elisabeth, the Music Chapel offers, since 1939, the possibility to young talented musicians to train in a unique place with a tailored program.

Public of interest foundation, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel works thanks to the generous help of sponsors, foundations and private maecenas who support it; they all chose to promote a talented youth, music, a belgian heritage as well as the strong project there developed.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!
Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!

La Lumière

For 100 years, “La Lumière” has worked to offer visually impaired people the medical and social support to help them find autonomy & social inclusion.

The charity welcomes, listens to and accompanies its beneficiaries in order to support their life projects by offering them individual and collective solutions.

La Lumière also aims to help people with sight deficiencies to flourish by organising a wide range of activities and cultural events.

Caritas Secours Francophones

As a member of Caritas Belgica, Caritas Secours francophone’s mission is to fight against inequalities and poverty, and to promote voluntary work and social action.

Supporting Caritas Secours means helping people in precarious situations to regain their dignity, and enhancing the work of hundreds of volunteers and social workers by enabling them to develop new aid and support projects. Their action is developed in many sectors: housing, social support for people with disabilities, youngsters, people leaving prison, & homeless people, but integration and literacy workshops, emergency assistance, welcoming of migrants, etc.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!
Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!


Since 1922, Eqla has been working with and for blind and visually impaired people. Their services respond to different missions:

  • Listening, advising and accompanying visually impaired people, from a very young age and at every stage of their lives;
  • Building with them solutions for autonomy and fulfilment;
  • Raising awareness among the population, professionals and public authorities about the realities of visual impairment

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the internationally oriented university in Brussels, wants to contribute in an active and committed way to a better society for tomorrow, through tailor-made high quality research and education.

For more than 180 years VUB has helped build a better society as an innovative, free inquiring and critical thinking university.

The University continues to advance its personal and democratic approach that enables all the members of the VUB-community to grow, so they can successfully take up their roles in the world of today and tomorrow.

Welcome to our new clients in Benelux!

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