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Digital Fundraising Trends of 2021: Insights & Indicators from Europe’s nonprofit sector

Nordics Edition

Date: Monday, March 28th 2022
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am (Copenhagen time)

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Digital Fundraising Trends of 2021 – Nordics Edition
Loui Ohlendorff
Nordics Regional Manager – iRaiser
Digital Fundraising Trends of 2021 – Nordics Edition
Eleonora Schirmer
Communication & Marketing – Kummit
Digital Fundraising Trends of 2021 – Nordics Edition
Stian Mina
Digital Marketing – Unicef Norway
Digital Fundraising Trends of 2021 – Nordics Edition
Bao Cam Khuc
Product Marketing Manager – iRaiser


Key Market Indicators of 2021: Findings & Insights

For the last 4 years, at iRaiser, we have published an annual benchmark on digital fundraising. This unique study, based on donations raised by organisations on iRaiser’s solutions across Europe, will enable you to evaluate your organisation in relation to major market indicators.
Join this free webinar to discover useful key learnings about digital fundraising in the Nordics and rest of Europe.


Roundtable Talk: Online P2P Events, what actually works!

During the second part of the webinar, we’re having a Roundtable Talk with a group of fundraising experts about online fundraising events and Peer-2-Peer campaigns.

In light of the pandemic, countless not-for-profits were forced to pivot their in-person events into online fundraising campaigns. With charities trying out this kind of fundraising for the first time, fundraisers were able to take away so many key insights about what worked and what didn’t when it came to creating an online fundraising event or a Peer-2-Peer campaign.

Online fundraising is here to stay. So, what better way to learn about how to plan an amazing online fundraising event in 2022 than from those who nailed it (and sometimes didn’t) during the last 2 years.

With all this insights from our Benchmark and real fundraisers, you’ll be equipped with new ideas and trends, and proven learnings to help you run the perfect online fundraising event or campaign.