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Exploring the latest trends in digital fundraising

Key learnings for nonprofit organisationsBenelux Edition

Tuesday, April 4th 2023
9:00am – 10:00am

Looking back at the year 2022, how did it differ from 2021 for the fundraising sector? What was the growth, which devices triumphed over others, how did the different sectors perform?

For the last 5 years, at iRaiser, we have published an annual benchmark on digital fundraising, precisely to answer those questions and more!
This study, based on donations raised by organisations using iRaiser’s solutions across Europe, allows charities to evaluate their fundraising in relation to major market indicators.

Join this free webinar to discover key learnings about digital fundraising in Benelux and rest of Europe.
We will see together what we can learn from the year’s outcomes and how they can help predict possible trends for 2023!

[Webinar] Exploring the latest trends in digital fundraising in Benelux
Gilles Van Doosselaere
Country Manager iRaiser Benelux 

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