Tony Bourdier, co-founder of iRaiser, named the group’s new CEO

Paris, May 11th 2023.

Tony Bourdier, one of iRaiser’s co-founders and its previous CTO, has been named the new CEO of the iRaiser Group as of May 4th, 2023. Tony, engineer and PhD in cybersecurity, will step in for Emmanuel Chaumeau. 

As CEO, Tony will continue to lead iRaiser’s development with the objective of amplifying iRaiser’s mission to support charities, boost growth, and develop innovative technologies to provide better services for our customers. Since iRaiser’s founding in 2012, the group has been committed to providing not-for-profit organisations across Europe with the best fundraising solutions to raise more for their cause.

I am extremely honoured and grateful to take on the responsibility of CEO of this company that we co-founded 11 years ago. — Tony Bourdier, CEO of iRaiser

iRaiser would like to thank Emmanuel for his contributions, which helped the company develop and grow throughout the past couple of years. 

In 2012, the charity sector was only just beginning to consider digital as an important channel in the fundraising strategy. Now it has grown to represent as much as ¼ of the revenue of an organisation (src: France Générosités).

While being a lecturer and researcher at Universities and Engineering Schools in France, Tony met his colleagues who would become his partners in the iRaiser adventure.  He then took charge of R&D, tech and operations over the past years.

Tony Bourdier, co-founder of iRaiser, named the group’s new CEO

The team began with only 4 members, passionate about fundraising and the nonprofit sector. Now the group has grown to over 80 collaborators, all united by the same values.

“I am proud today to belong to this team, proud of the people who make up iRaiser.”, said Tony Bourdier, who has seen first-hand the evolution of not just iRaiser, but the fundraising sector as a whole.

Now Tony, along with the executive committee, is ready to take the group to the next step of development, all while keeping the charities’ best interests front-of-mind.

My vision is one of a European digital fundraising community where we share common values with our clients. Those that drive us and from which we must never deviate. Mutual aid, kindness, the desire to help organisations contribute to a better world. Of course, we are not NGOs, but we allow them to devote themselves to their primary missions.”, said Tony Bourdier.

His familiarity with the organisations and the evolution of digital fundraising will allow Tony to continue to lead the company in the right direction and carry out the group’s mission to provide advanced, ethical and reliable fundraising solutions in a growing number of countries worldwide.

Jan Evers, Chairman of the board of directors of the iRaiser Group said, “We are pleased that Tony has agreed to take over the management of the iRaiser Group. With our long history of working together, the board is confident in Tony’s ability to best serve the nonprofits, while making iRaiser a sustainable business.

We are delighted to have Tony as the new CEO of the group. Together with our clients and partners, we strive for a positive impact on the world around us.

About iRaiser

iRaiser’s fundraising platform is the top-rated software in Europe for not-for-profit organisations to raise money for their causes. Since its establishment in 2012, iRaiser has proven to be a reliable partner for charities, helping them to raise over 2 billion euros to date.

The group was founded by professional fundraisers who understand the significance of providing a seamless and efficient donation process to collect donations, making it easier for charities to achieve their fundraising goals.

iRaiser offers a complete suite of fundraising tools, including online donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, and crowdfunding and CRM. The software is user-friendly and white-label, making it easy for organisations of all sizes to set up and manage their digital fundraising campaigns. It also provides advanced analytics and reporting features to help charities track their fundraising progress and optimize their campaigns. Additionally, iRaiser provides a range of integration options with other popular fundraising tools and services, allowing charities to leverage the best of both worlds.

With a proven track record of success, iRaiser has become a trusted partner for more than 750 not-for-profit organisations looking to maximise their impact and increase their fundraising capabilities.

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