Watch the video: UK for UNHCR’s journey to optimise their online fundraising

UK for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency branch for the UK, embarked on a successful journey to optimise their fundraising with the help of iRaiser’s solutions. The heart of their strategy lay in meticulous A/B testing of their fundraising appeals, facilitated by iRaiser’s Payment Platform, to fine-tune their donation pages. Their goal focused on enhancing user-experience and boosting conversions for all their appeals.

The outcome was staggering: a remarkable 133% surge in revenue, and an astounding 919% spike in online income after the implementation of the new form for their Afghanistan appeal. 

In this 15-minute video, UK for UNHCR goes through a step-by-step process and breakdown of their strategy to implement their optimisation plan, and the results of their tests.

Discover how UK for UNHCR were able to:

Online fundraising optimisation & growth for UK for UNHCR

Easily implement & test donation form variations within the iRaiser platform and raise more funds

Online fundraising optimisation & growth for UK for UNHCR

Increase their revenue and witness a spike in online donations like never before

Online fundraising optimisation & growth for UK for UNHCR

Seamlessly transition all campaigns to the winning layout through an easy-to-use backend

Watch the video and see how the impact of their meticulous optimization and transformation efforts gave way to their success.

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