How Shelter UK helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness ?

Shelter’s vision

We use iRaiser for our primary payment gateway, servicing one-off giving, regular giving, challenge event registration and deposit services for special events.

We run full service digital media campaigns for all products, and utilise iRaiser for ad tech tools and marketing automation signaling.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services. And we campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to us for help.

A Customer Success Story : Shelter UK

Key results with iRaiser

£9.5 million

in a 4 years period


new donors acquired.
This figure is increasing annually by 7,000


increase in revenue
in the 4 years using iRaiser’s solutions

How has switching to iRaiser helped Shelter?

“Since we moved to iraiser, we have seen significant year on year increases, with our current annual revenue almost double what it was under previous systems and seeing £9.5m in total in one off payments.

Through the flexibility of the iRaiser solution with the strengths of our team we’re really proud with this increase, allowing us to dedicate more funds to our front line activities and that’s supporting homelessness in the UK.”

Eoghan Beecher 
Digital Fundraising Manager, Shelter UK

A Customer Success Story : Shelter UK

Key learnings since using iRaiser

A Customer Success Story : Shelter UK

The advanced back admin and data management through iRaiser has allowed a donor journey that is optimal to the donor preferences.

UX , data management, & segmentation combined with the right platform can significantly increase fundraising results, in Shelter UK’s case almost doubling their income compared to their previous solutions

We have taken a total of £9.5million since onboarding iRaiser, including £2.5million in one off transaction in the past 12 months.

We are currently acquiring just under 40,000 online donors (cash and regular) per financial year. This figure has risen by 7,000 annually in the past 4 years.

Yes, iraiser has provided us with the ability to process large volumes of donations within short periods of time and has allowed us to set customised signals that allow us to maximise the impact of real time marketing tools and provide us with a more robust data set, with a higher level of opt in, which ensures better retention journeys.

Our conversions vary depending on source, but most importantly, by allowing dynamic tags to be passed through that fit to our specific attribution landcape, iRaiser has allowed us to properly segment out traffic so we can identify reasonable conversion benchmarks depending on source of delivery and user intent, which means we avoid false signals which would previously have resulted in sub optimal media buying.

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