Our Code of Ethics

Our goal

We’re a passionate bunch, and do everything we can to be socially & environmentally responsible.
We aim to build an exemplary company through sound business practices, & pride ourselves in working with our different clients & partners in the most ethical and transparent way.

By establishing a culture of respect & ethics in our company we ensure that everyone in our organization is both promoting and striving to maintain an ethical stance and healthy corporate culture.


The environment and society

We base our development on reducing our carbon footprint and respecting ecological, economic and socio-cultural balances. We work on performance optimisation by:

  • developing code optimisation practices
  • reducing travel by working remotely through video conferences & promoting the use of public transport and carpooling.
  • implementing & encouraging waste sorting & reducing plastic use, as well as reducing printing with 100% electronic quotes, invoices and contracts, & avoiding the use of cheques by promoting wire transfers.

Our Employees

iRaiser commits to:

  • ensuring a healthy and safe working environment in order to promote the well-being, comfort and development of each employee.
  • implementing a proactive internal training and promotion program.
  • maintaining a social & open dialogue.
  • recruiting without any form of discrimination.
  • setting up constructive and evolving contracts with the student community.

Through communication, we pursue to establish the loyalty, integrity, motivation, sense of leadership and responsibility of our employees.

Our Clients

At iRaiser, we base our success on customer satisfaction, and the quality & success of our products and services.

We are trusted by many socially & environmentally conscious clients such as: SPA, WWF France, WWF Belgium, Welfarm, Fondation Assistance aux Animaux, & Aide aux Vieux Animaux among others.

Our Suppliers

In order to provide our customers with the best level of service, at iRaiser, we strive to select suppliers who act in accordance to our our Code of Ethics.
We also favour reintegration companies.

Our values


It is the most important and valuable asset of a long-lasting relationship, whatever its nature.
At iRaiser, this means paying particular attention to the following key elements: security, data confidentiality, scalability, reliability and transparency.


We are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions to help nonprofits raise more. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers are able to get the most out of our solutions, and improve their fundraising.


As Lao Tseu says: “Failure is the foundation of success.”
We believe that each failure contains a lesson to be learned and is an opportunity for innovation. That’s why we don’t back down from any challenge to continuously develop and improve our solutions to provide the best service possible.