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Political Fundraising

Running for political office is a challenging race. iRaiser makes fundraising easier by providing many candidates & political parties with secure & efficient tools to raise more, rally supporters and achieve their political goals.

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Powering political parties, candidates, committees, and organisations worldwide

Numerous political entities trust iRaiser's tools to drive their fundraising campaigns.

A flexible platform to create unlimited campaigns, manage contributions, and rally more supporters.

iRaiser’s solutions help digitally transform your political campaigns to raise more funds easily and efficiently. Our highly secure solutions allow you to:

– Create unlimited, white-label campaigns to expand your fundraising efforts & reach different targets.

– Raise more awareness for your campaign & retain supporters with our CRM & marketing automation tools.

– Have partisans take action & fundraise on your behalf with our peer to peer & event fundraising solutions.

– Secure long-term funding for extended campaigns with our recurring donation option.

– Allow supporters to make one-click contributions with our advanced payment methods for high conversion rates.

iRaiser has the expertise to help you mobilize your network, finance your campaigns & reach your goal.

A full range of solutions to make political fundraising secure & easy

iRaiser’s scalable solutions help you build the donor relationships you need to reach your political objectives. Whether you’re running for office, wish to raise awareness for the issues you’re fighting for, or are launching a petition, our tools make the process simple and efficient for you to have a winning campaign.

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+500 clients in 20 countries across 3 continents.

Global campaigns across 75 countries.

€1 billion raised for non-profits since 2010.

Offices in France, UK, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark & Finland.