Since the acquisition of AidBuilder late in 2018, iRaiser has been investing in the Nordic market, where we expect to grow our presence even more in the future. Here’s the latest and greatest from our Nordic organization:

New & improved iRaiser P2P platform ready in 2020

AidBuilder had a strong Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising solution, and we are now in the last stages before upgrading all our customers to a more innovative & high-performing product, the ISS P2P platform. 

The new P2P platform will empower our customers to manage several new functionalities directly from our back office – amongst which some of the most important are:

iRaiser in the Nordics: Growing and preparing to upgrade Peer-to-peer customers!
  • Create multiple sites/platforms
  • Team Fundraiser functionality
  • Event site
  • Multiple templates for event sites
  • Registration fee for events
  • Customizable donation forms
  • Editable triggers for automated email flows
  • Deep donor- and fundraiser management
  • Data analytics and ease-of-import/export

We are now in the final stages of testing the product for stability and usability – the first customers will be testing the product live in May 2020. Our focus is on getting to a stable, powerful product before the end of June, and expect to start upgrading and migrating Nordic customers in the month thereafter. During spring and summer, we will be contacting all customers individually to plan the upgrading. Training for the new product will be easily available online and we will be supporting your set up for efficient execution. We are excited and looking forward to presenting you the new iRaiser P2P platform. 

If you have specific questions or comments in relation to your current AidBuilder product, don’t hesitate to contact our customer success manager in the Nordics.

iRaiser in the Nordics: Growing and preparing to upgrade Peer-to-peer customers!

Tine Baek – Our customer success manager in the Nordics