Webinar: Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

With increasing competition & “digital noise” how can organisations creatively use digital marketing techniques to stand out and ultimately get donations? All while on a limited budget?
Join us for the first webinar of our new series Tech, Talk & Teach to find out how!

Date: Tuesday, January 26th, 2021
10am to 11am (UTC+1)
Cost: Free
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Event Details

Start the year by getting inspired!
Even the most advanced digital fundraiser will constantly consider how can I drive traffic to my donation pages? What will get the attention of my donors? Where can I place my digital adverts to get maximum attention?

Get inspired by Loui Ohlendorff, our new iRaiser Nordics Account Manager who just joined us from UNHCR Denmark, to hear first hand his top tips in driving traffic to your website and donation platform.

Matti Valli, Communications & Marketing Manager from Kummit Finland, will then share his insights on how this leading local charity has transformed their website, considered their digital offering and of course utilised iRaiser’s leading payment solution for one-off and monthly giving to increase donations. You can generate traffic, but unless your supporters donate through a user-friendly site and optimized platform, your conversion rate can be negatively affected!

What is Tech, Talk & Teach

Tech, Talk & Teach is a series of webinars and events hosted by iRaiser Nordic in collaboration with our local partners and clients to inspire best practices in digital fundraising. Attending participants will walk away with practical tips to aid in the ever-evolving digital transformation specific to the Nordics. Fundraising professionals, digital fundraisers and those wishing to raise more online; museums, schools & universities, non-profits as well as cultural & religious institutions are encouraged to attend.


Webinar: Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Matti Valli

Communications and Marketing Manager

Kummit Finland

“It’s about a good cause, effective work, appealing content and various channels to influence and to support. I’m an experienced communication and marketing professional with a goal to deliver good results for Kummit and its stakeholders through great content and versatile marketing communications”.

Webinar: Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Loui Ohlendorff

Nordics Account Manager: Denmark & Finland


Loui Ohlendorff, based in Copenhagen, is one of iRaiser’s digital fundraising experts with a focus on Denmark and Finland. Having worked as a Digital Fundraiser in different organizations including UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency, Loui has experience working across all aspects of digital fundraising, online marketing and communication, donor care, and much more. In this webinar, Loui will draw on his top 5 tips that you can consider in a digital marketing plan with the view to drive traffic to your donation pages.

Webinar: Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Kim Nielsen (host)

Nordics Account Manager: Norway & Sweden


Kim Nielsen is iRaiser’s Account Manager for the Nordics. She was an employee at AidBuilder in 2017/18, and she has re-joined iRaiser after having worked for an NGO in Rwanda and Hong Kong.
With a background in war studies, humanitarian aid and fundraising project management for NGOs & the UN, Kim is working to support our clients in Norway and Sweden.

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