iRaiser Annual Fundraising Report
2021 vs. 2020: Key learnings & trends from the not for profit sector

Looking back at the year 2021, how did it differ from 2020 for the fundraising sector? What was the growth, which devices triumphed over others? And most importantly, what can we learn from the year’s outcomes and can they help predict possible trends for 2022? Download our annual benchmark analysis on the fundraising sector in Europe, the UK & Ireland. The findings, based on funds raised by iRaiser clients on our solutions, will help you evaluate your organisation’s performance in relation to major market indicators, and anticipate upcoming trends in the sector.

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Global Giving Indicators Report: 2021 vs. 2020

In 2021, 310 million euros were collected worldwide with iRaiser applications!
Even though this number is slightly lower than 2020, a difference explained by the surge of donations during the first year of the pandemic, it is still quite a high and important achievement.
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