Our new fundraising model: a commitment to your charity’s fundraising success

We are launching our new fundraising model! This new approach a real change that commits us to supporting your growth in accordance with our mission, which is to empower world-changers like you.

In this guide to the Cover Fees, you will find:

  1. What is the new model?
  2. What are the benefits for your charity?
  3. iRaiser celebrates its 10th anniversary: we have a surprise for you!
Our commitment to your charity’s fundraising success

1. What is the new model?

Our new fundraising approach allows your donors to contribute to your digital fundraising costs. Instead of financing everything yourself, we have introduced a cover fee module. Your donors have the possibility to cover all or part of the costs related to their transaction, in a completely optional and transparent way.

To learn more about the cover fees module, read our dedicated article: Cover Fees 101 – What your charity needs to know

Donor contributions allow you to optimize the costs associated with various service providers such as payment platforms. Just like the monthly subscription, the fees for certain transactions may not cost you anything, depending on the payment methods used, for example.

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So it’s a real paradigm shift for us to show how committed we are to your organisation: we’re moving to a model where our success is tied to yours.

2. What are the benefits for your charity?

The most obvious benefit of cover fees is the decrease in your fundraising costs and the increase in your resources. But that’s not all…

Empower your donors: by offering them the opportunity to contribute to your fundraising costs, you give them more transparency on your expenses but also allow them to allocate 100% of their initial donation to your cause.

Our commitment to your charity’s fundraising success

Your donor makes a single transaction that includes their donation and their contribution amount to the online fundraising fee. This means that the entire amount is taken into account for the calculation of the tax deduction.

Switch to the latest payment platform: this new model operates with Stripe, so the acceptance rate is higher. As a result, your conversion rate will be too. 

Prepare for future changes: As we know, digital fundraising is growing year after year. According to the 2021 Generosity Barometer, published by France Générosités, 25% of donations are already made online. You must therefore equip yourself with the best tools now to maximize your fundraising tomorrow.

3. iRaiser celebrates its 10th anniversary!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary at iRaiser, we are waiving the monthly subscription and transaction fees for all new subscriptions** to our new model – which includes the Cover Fees module – until 31st December 2022!

You can read more about our special offer and the terms and conditions here.

**subject to eligibility.

Our commitment to your charity’s fundraising success

If you would like to know more about how to optimise your digital fundraising get in touch with one of our fundraising experts today!