iRaiser, a proud partner of the Fundraising Online Conference #FRO2023 – Resource Alliance

We were delighted to have supported the Fundraising Online Conference #FRO2023 hosted by Resource Alliance on April 19th and 20th.

As one of the most prominent international events for the fundraising industry, the Fundraising Online Conference is a groundbreaking virtual gathering of fundraisers from across the world. Workshop sessions, Q&As, live discussions and debates on digital mobilisation, online movement building, crowdfunding and much more. Together with many other fundraising experts, we talked about practical campaign concepts and case studies, global debates on big ideas in tech, and shared our best practices in fundraising.

During the session “Spoiler Alert: the perfect donation page doesn’t exist”, our very own Simon Romain, Chief Design & Product Officer at iRaiser, explored how to create a unique interaction with your supporters through a strong digital fundraising strategy and specific donation forms for each situation & profile.

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iRaiser partners the Fundraising Online Conference #FRO2023

Whether you are junior fundraisers or senior leaders, you don’t want to miss out on this occasion to get inspired and start amplifying your digital fundraising to the next level!

Get to know Simon Romain better

Fundamentally involved in the non-profit sector, Simon has been working with world-changers for over 15 years. First alongside Oxfam France, to engage their digital transformation in fundraising and launch their first Trailwalker – and indeed the first peer-to-peer fundraising event in France (in 2009). Driven by his desire to imagine and continually deploy innovative fundraising ideas, Simon went on to create his own fundraising agency where he worked with over 30 different organizations. At the same time, he created his own Endowment Fund dedicated to NGOs, based on a very singular raffle system, entirely free of charge for NGOs.

Since 2020, Simon has taken the lead of the Product and Design department of iRaiser, a technology company providing digital fundraising solutions for nonprofits. His goal has always been the same: dusting off fundraising to inspire as many people as possible to financially support nonprofit organizations.

If you’d like to learn more about our digital fundraising solutions, and how they can help give your fundraising a boost, get in touch with us for a chat!