2017 ended and the numbers are here ! iRaiser now exceeds 4.8 million transactions and € 420 million of funds raised since its creation in 2012.  

2017 has been very rewarding as we continue to grow in the numbers we collect. Yes.Thank you, to all of our customers who believed in our solutions and used them successfully.   This exponential increase looks pretty incredible, but it can be partly explained by taking some major factors into account:

  • More and more organizations choose our solutions,
  • We manage more and more regular donations by credit card and SEPA direct debit,
  • The number of online donors continues to grow. Indeed, more and more people choose to donate online,
  • Nonprofit organizations are increasingly investing on Internet   iRaiser is proud to be the trusted partner of more than 250 organizations, from 9 different countries: France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. That’s right : Europe is not the limit.

And we aren’t finished yet. Remember when we passed the crazy bet challenge and reached €100 000 000 at the end of the year 2015 ? Well, after doubling the record for 2016, we decided to do better! Our new goal is now to reach € 1 billion by January the 1st 2019 – because aiming at €500 000 000 would simply not be daring enough for Antoine, and there is no fun if there is no new challenge.

Of course, this won’t and can’t be achieved, without our incredible customers’ constant efforts and creativity, which bring more and more donors, everyday on our platforms. As for us, we are dedicated to continue to propose more reliable, secure and efficient solutions for both organizations and their donors. Let’s continue this incredible adventure together, and stay tuned for we have many new stuff in store for 2018.