Why do I see iRaiser on my bank statement?

Wondering why your account shows a payment was made to iRaiser?

Why do I see iRaiser on my bank statement?

Surely, around this same time you made an online donation to support a not-for-profit organisation of your choice. iRaiser enables not-for-profit organisations to raise funds to support their causes digitally. When you donate to a charity via an online donation form, they may be using our solutions, as we proudly support over 750 European charities. That’s why your bank statement may show iRaiser’s name instead of the name of the organisation you donated to. But do not worry, the amount you gave went directly to the charity.

If you need assistance with a payment (such as requesting a refund), please contact directly the charity you made the donation to. We cannot process these kinds of requests on behalf of the not-for-profit organisations that use our solutions.

If you still do not know who authorised the charge on your account, we can help you identify the organisation. To do so, please make an inquiry here.

On behalf of our clients, thank you for supporting non-profit organisations to fulfil their important missions. With your help and generosity they are able to increase their positive impact on the world. 💚